GARADAMA / Garadama 3
FSR-003 / CD 29:07min>

1. At the Doze
2. Too Distant Shore
3. Reminiscence
4. Punishment of Time
5. Way of Game (feat.LINEKRAFT)
6. Wandering
7. Paean
8. Song of Feast

Ominous sutra of the wicked sound which roars from the world of the dead!!

GARADAMA / Garadama 2
<FSR-001 / CD 28:19min>

1. Dragon's Shrine
2. My Eyes
3. Soliloquy
4. Dogma Part?
5. Who does try to kill man?
6. Dogma Part? (feat.PAIN JERK)

A mysterious wicked sound becomes a heavy lump such as a nuclear explosion and attacks your eardrum!!

GARADAMA / Garadama 1 (reissue)
<ARCD-185 / CD 37:29min>

1. Why?
2. A Fiend's Living in My Brain
3. The Patient's Diary
4. Dreams Release Me
5. Everything is Nothing
6. Out of the Window (unplugged ver)
7. The Sun Rises

The sound of a heavy lump fromthe
hell roars again!!

SWARRRM & GARADAMA / Shaking in Agony  < PX199 / CD 29:31min>

1. Jyo
2. Kokou
3. Hana
4. Darenimo Todoku Hateshinai Sora
5. At the Doze
6. Reminiscence
7. Way of the Game
8. Paean

Eight hell is guided by the most
evil two fiends!!

GOMIDAMA "GARADAMA+PAIN JERK" / Nuclea Noise of Confusion
<FSRR-001 / CD-R 33:33min>

1. Why?
2. A Fiend Living in My Brain
3. Everything is Nothing
4. Dragon's Shrine
5. The Sun Rises

This album is recording a battle
of heavy psychedelic band
and high-speed noise master.
A lump of the sound changed into a nucleus
at a battlefield and confused them!!


<FSR-002 / CD : 48:06min>

1. Slogun IV
2. Ave Satani
3. Propaganda
6. Beelzebub
8. Mishima...All others 22 pieces

This is a 1st full album of the heretic "UTEROZZZAAA" of the Hardcore techno.
The peculiar Junk Core Sound which introduced the subculture sense into the style of the Japanese Hard Core is the innovative resistance in a Industrial scene!!



1. Kikeinohune -Malformed Ship
2. Muma -Succubus-
3. Sanzunokawa -Sanzu River- 

The 1st album of the experimental band produced by Y.Kakinoki of GARADAMA.
Black art music by J.A Seazer
and chaotic noise by SWANS.
The sound that fuses them is just like
a lullaby of hell!!

Promotional track



1. Mumasono2 -Succubus Part 2-

 2. Shikabanenoazare -Corpe's Play

  3. Maltanoborei -The Ghost of Malta

The second (1st edition)

of the Dark Cult Orchestra,

a bloody cursed soul of sound

leads to death!!

Promotional track

Official T-Shirts

XS & S : ANVIL T0979 6.1oz Heavyweight
Cotton 100% black

M : GILDAN 6.1oz Heavyweight
Cotton 100% black

Size <bl / bw / sl>
XS <51cm / 37cm / 14cm>
S <61cm / 41cm / 16cm>
M <73cm / 50cm / 17.5cm>

Official Towel

The traditional Japanese towel which imagined an album
"Shaking in Agony". 
The original picture isKyosai Kawanabe.



V.A. / Aiyoku Jinmin 21st Century


ARCD-126 / Alchemy Records



TECI-1073 / Imperial Records

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